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   Will it make the world change!


Bátor Tábor Foundation has been involved in the camping activities of children with cancer and chronic disease, for twelve years, organising eight-day therapeutic recreational groups for them. They receive camp-dwellers who have spent months or years in hospital, fighting for their lives, in the course of which their self-confidence and determination drops significantly as all they can hear is what they are not allowed, not supposed or not able to do because of their illness.

This camp is not about illness, restrictions, pain or inability, much rather about life, possibilities, smiles, and relatedness.


As a 15-year old boy with leukaemia said: " Bátor Tábor is a machine into which children are thrown in ill and exhausted and a much happier and healthier child comes out filled with experiences."


If you are in the position to help, support our run with an amount of your choice to help children with cancer. Adopt a kilometre!

You can find more details and place donations HERE.