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MilliPop Playhouse

Social Club Members can sign up for Millipop Playhouse Pass this year.


To check availability, please CLICK HERE. To register yourself for a given date please write an e-mail to zsuzsanna.bartha@exxonmobil.com .


Only Members can sign up for the Millipop Pass which entitles 2 adults and 3 children to enter at the same time for free. The ticket can be used once a day. After the entrance you can stay until Millipop is open on the given day.

Millipop Pass is held at the Millipop Playhuse reception (Budapest, 1024 Fény utca 18-20) and entrance is possible only after registering yourself in the above file and upon showing your valid SC memberhip card at Millipop reception.

Weekends are available 2 times per year whereas weekdays are available without restrictions. Last minute registration for the weekend is possible if places are still available on the given week on Friday afternoon.