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Dear (future) Social Club Members,


If you are not a Social Club member yet, we will give you a very good reason to join immediately…


If you fancy some SPA experience in March in Széchenyi or Rudas Spa, just go ahead and buy your ticket between the 8th - 31st March!

Social Club will give SC members a refund of 1500 HUF from the original price upon showing an invoice.


Please ask the invoice for the following address and give it to Zsuzsanna Bartha (


Baráti Szociális Klub Egyesület

1139 Budapest, Váci út 81-85

Adószám: 18126037-1-41


 The refund is valid only for one occasion between 8th - 31st March and only for SC members.

Let’s celebrate 8th March /International Women’s day/ and 22nd March /World water Day/ together!