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BSC Team - Football


Team history:

BSC FC was established more than 5 years ago by EM employees and funded since then through the Social Club. Some players were coming and going but the spine of the team remained the same since then. We have great individuals who form a strong, competitive team. We have participated in different championships and cups throughout the years with very good results. In 2011 BSC FC was the second in the Business Champions League and this year (2013) reached the 5th place in the Indoor Business League among 70 teams. Currently, you can see all the trophies next to the big kitchen on the 6th floor (CP2-B).



You can check out our promo video from 2011:


Business Champions League - Budapest 2011:


Business Champions League - Hungarian Finals 2011:


Outdoor Business League:

2011 – 4thplace

2012 – 4thplace


Indoor Business League - Spring:

2011 – 4thplace (B-League)

2012 – 2ndplace (D-League)

2013 – 5thplace (A-League)


Indoor Business League - Autumn:

2011 – 4thplace (A-League)

2012 – 2ndplace (A-League)


Amateur Futsal Cup:

2008/4 - 2ndplace

2009/11 - 1stplace

2010/3 - 2ndplace

2010/12 - 3rdplace

2011/3 - 2ndplace


ExxonMobil Football Tournament Breda:

2013 – 6th place

2014 – 2nd place

 2016 - 2nd place

XIII. district League:

2008 - 1stplace

2009 - 1stplace

2010 - 3rdplace


Fair play:




ELTE-BEAC Lagymanyosi Championship:

2013 D League: 1st place

2014 C League: 3rd place

2014 Summer championship: 3rd place

2014 B League: 1st place


 Football team in 2017

Football Tournament in Breda - 2017


Another year passed by and once again we had the chance to participate on the annual ExxonMobil Football Cup in Breda.

We took the early morning flight to Eindhoven. It wasn’t easy but all of us arrived to the airport in time. We decided to look around in Eindhoven and eat something before going to Breda. There was a nice Cafe where we had breakfast and it turned out that the owner is a real PSV fan. He knew some Hungarian players, especially Dzsudzsak who was their best player a few years ago.

We arrived to Breda early afternoon. Some of us had a rest while some went in the city to look around. It was a nice day however our mind was already on the Cup.

Satruday morning we started with a breakfast and discussed tactics. By 9 o’clock we were at the pitch warming up. The weather was changing minute by minute. Sometimes nice and shiny, later windy and rainy. We knew that the first match is always important. Based on that we wanted to make no mistakes. We scored 2 goals and conceded none. This win set the pace. The next two games were similar. We were careful at the back and effective in the attacks. 9 points collected in the first 3 matches. Only 1 goal conceded which gave us confidence for the next stages.

As we experienced lunch time was always difficult. We had to be careful not to eat too much and be able to continue where we stopped. This time it worked out well. In the next group phase we delivered strong performance and won all our games 2:0 against very good and solid teams. Only two more games were to go. We were getting more and more tired but this year we could save some energy for the final rounds.

In the semi final we were suprised by the opponent and conceded a goal. As we had nothing to lose we had to put them under pressure. We created many chances and finally equalized after a nice attack. This gave us mental advantage and we were able to turn the match around to win it 2:1.

There came the final match against NDG2 (France). One last fight to win the Cup. Unfortunately, the game started really badly as the French team scored the first goal. After a long pass the ball bounced to their striker who found himself one on one with our goalkeeper and made no mistake. We had to go for an equalizer so we tried to attack heavily. However, we became more vulnerable at the back and after another long ball they could score their second goal. It was devastating but we didn’t give it up. The fans were chanting ’’Bu-da-pest, Bu-da-pest’’ throughout the game and that gave us a lot of confidence and support. A few minutes from the end we could score a goal which brought back our chances to get something out of this final. The French team obviously tried everything to waste time and there were also some nasty challenges. Still we could create some nice chances but failed to finish them. The final whistle was blown and NDG 2 won 2:1. It was hard to digest this loss. We were very consistent during the whole day and we were so close to finally win the Cup. In 5 years this was the third time we finished second. Same as last year we left with mixed emotions. After a while though we were proud for ourselves and knew that it was a great result again. Each year we are considered to be one of the favourites and one day our dream will come true.

In the evening we let he steam off and celebrated together with the other teams. It was another great Cup and we were happy to participate. Again, the most important was that nobody got hurt and we all enjoyed playing football. Big thanks to the Social Club to make this happen again and big thanks for the team for the great performance!! See you next year in Breda!

BSC FC Budapest – team 2017: Balazs Hollauer (our best player and top goalscorer), Krisztian Malnas, Gabor Nagy, Tamas Selley, Balazs Fugh, Csaba Ajpek, Emil Florian Pirvu, Zsombor Kadar, Samuel Keresztes, Peter B. Kiss


Football Tournament in Breda - 2016


The 15th ExxonMobil soccer tournament took place in Breda on June 04, 2016. Budapest BSC FC had the chance again to participate with other 27 teams from various countries like UK, Norway, Egypt, Belgium, France, Scotland, Netherlands and Czech Republic.

The preparation for the cup went really well, we had high hopes of winning it this year. The team spirit was stronger than ever and we were full of confidence.

The core of the team remained the same however we needed to do some changes due to various reasons. Unfortunately, our regular goalkeeper got injured in the las weeks but we managed to find his replacement in the end.


We left Budapest on Friday early afternoon and arrived in Breda late evening. We had a quick dinner and then went to bed early to be as rested as posiible for the cup next day.

On Saturday morning the weather seemed ideal for soccer and we were eagerly waiting for the kick off. In the first group phase we had to play against a French, a Belgian and a Dutch team.

The first match gave us confidence as we won 4:0. The second game was like a goal fest (6:1) while the third match ended with a 2:0 win. Side note to the last game: there was a third ’phantom’ goal as the ball literally went through the net but the referee didn’t see it. Poor Balazs Fugh would have deserved to be on the scoresheet... :)

This meant that we won our group and promoted to the A-League (best 12 teams).


After the lunch break we knew that we had to be really careful with the upcoming matches not to drop any points. We wanted to win the second group phase so that would make sure the we reached the semi finals. We played against Machelen (Belgium), Hot Shots (Belgium) and The Egyptians (Egypt). We looked unstoppable as we won the first two matches and drawed the third one against The Egyptians. The Budapest BSC team went into the semi finals.

The next opponent was our biggest rival FOS (France) from previous tournaments. 2 years ago we played the Final against them which they won with penalties so it was time for us to prove ouselves. The game was very intense, there was no room for mistakes. We had one goal lead but the French team equalized a few minutes later. It seemed that the game would need to be decided with penalties however a great solo goal meant that we got to the Final. It was a brilliant performance from Balazs Hollauer who deserved to be the man of the match with his two goals.


Throughout the day we received many compliments from fans, referees and other teams. They liked the attractive football we played and cheered for us.

There was only one match left, the Final. Our opponent was called Dreamteam (Netherlands). They chose a very defensive tactic with quick counter attacks. We didn’t change anything, we wanted to play the way we did whole day. It was hard to break through their defensive wall but we had some smaller opportunities in the beginning.

Unfortanetely, a few minutes later they had a long ball kicked towards our goal which they managed to head to their striker who scored a nice goal. With the lead in their hands they started to defend deeper while we tried to put more and more pressure on them. There were some great opportunities for the equalizer however we failed to score in the end. We were shocked when the referee blew the final whistle. We were so close...

It took a while to deal with our disappointment. Now we see it as a great achievement and hope that we will have the chance to participate in this tournament for many more years. And nobody got hurt which is the most important!


The 2016 Budapest BSC FC team members deserve all the credit as they performed on the highest level and proved that Budapest have a great team.

Thanks for the Social Club supporting our trip and thanks for the team for this success!

Team members in 2016: Omar Zauli, Krisztian Malnas, Balazs Hollauer, Csaba Ajpek, Gabor Nagy, Robert Szoke, Samuel Keresztes, Peter Veit, Balazs Fugh, Peter B. Kiss


Football Tournament in Breda - 2015


Another year has passed and ExxonMobil`s Breda office continued to be the flagship for organizing the Football Tournament that attracted teams from various countries and affiliates. This was the 14th tournament to date. Worth to mention that with the registration of teams from Egypt, the yearly event ceased to be contsrained to Europe only. Organizers claim that available spots tend to be reserved in faster pace than ever. Budapest BSC FC is considered to be a prestigious attendee since 2013.  A 6th and 2nd place indicates the strength of the Hungarian team, however the squad went through significant changes over one year period. As the premiere sponsor, Social Club made sure that attention only had to be put on restructuring the team with involvment of new players. As a matter of fact, BSC FC received record contribution out of which new set of jerseys could be bought and the participation in Breda was completely covered. The humbled team was very keen on living up to the recognition, hence during the frames of preparation to the tournament friendly matches were organized with the intention to find the right positon for each player. Jozsef Gazso, Adam Ludvai, Krisztian Malnas and team captain Peter B. Kiss are constant players since the very beginning so they constituted the backbone of the team to which Robert Szoke, Gergely Szollar, Balazs Fugh belongs for 2 years and new additions were Patrik Fischer, Peter Veit and Csaba Ajpek.


The team left Hungary with an early flight to Brussels on 22nd of May and travelled the remaining distance with cars. Right after check-in, the hotel`s leisure complex was in target to get some special treatment for muscles by the sauna and swimming pool. The Welcome dinner was unanimously voted to be held at team`s favorite Turkish bar by the riverbanks of Breda. Due to registration procedures, the team showed up quite early in Bavel football complex which never fails to warm-heartedly host hundreds of football enthusiasts from ExxonMobil along with families. The weather seemed to be perfect when they blew the whistle which indicated the start of the tournament. Budapest BSC FC was chosen to be in a group where other teams represented Netherlands only. De Jonge Honden consist of on-site technicians from Rotterdam Refinery and they are well-known for their stamina and robust muscles. They played against BSC FC two years ago and both team struggled to score the first goal, so mental preparation was vital part of getting started. The 3:0 win was completely deserved for Hungarians as the opponent did not find a single momentum to withstand the fast winger moves. Rotterdam Refinery was not only emblematized by its technicians but also with equipment engineers with name of Total Touch. The 4:1 victory started to fulfill the boys with enough confidence despite of the relatively little spent time together on the pitch, the harmony started to be present amongst the attacking and defending sections. The last match of the first round was against team Lab Apen which included the laboratory staff of Antwerp refinery. It turned out to be the crossroad for the two sides from the perspective of drawing the playoff round, because each group had to contain two first-place and two second-place teams. The tension could be grasped around the central field. Both team started the match very cautiously as it was believed that first goal would put a bold mark on the outcome. Budapest BSC scored the goal towards the end of the game and surprisingly enough it did not mean that they give up attacking. A fully controlled 1:0 victory let the boys go for their well-deserved lunch break.


While the large varieties of warm food were being served in the clubhouse, the organizing team drew the fixtures of play-off round. The weather changed from moment to moment similarly to the mood of Hungarians as they learnt that two out of three Czech teams have been assigned to their group along with the underdog finalist Machelen. It did not only shower rain but small ice balls too. Luckily, by the time Budapest BSC FC was announced to step on stage, the conditions returned to normal however the humidity of air started to compare to as of the rainforests. The team kicked off well against Prague Payables and the entertaining game matched with result too. Fortunately, the rivalry did not affect fair play between the two sides and it attracted many spectators to watch the match. One mistake was enough for Prague Payables to twist the outcome of the match by a header following an accurate corner kick. It was a stressful break for the guys before the second match with Machelen. Not only because the victory slipped out of their hands by the end of the game, but also due to the fact that based on the actual performance the forthcoming two matches seemed to be more difficult to win. In the meantime, it was amazing to see that Hungarians were joining the event to actively support the fellow citizens from the sideline. This gesture has also been great motivational influence on the team members. Machelen did not refute the expectations on their sturdiness. The defense was well-positioned in critical times and chance by chance BSC FC seemed to lose its accuracy with the last pass. Such situation helped Machelen to lead a quick counter attack and score the winner goal. It was a sad but historical moment because that goal also meant that Budapest BSC FC lost its first match (extra time and penalties not counting) since joining the tournament first in 2013. The boys started to look rather fatigued but the determination could be still found in their eyes, because they knew it well that they are quarter-finalist if they beat the Buddy Czechs on the last match. However, the Buddy Czechs showed a positive tendency in the second round. They gained confidence match by match. The Hungarian supporters have never been louder and `Hajra Magyarok` helped the tired players to keep focus on target. Both team had great opportunities to score but preciseness was not in-line with the enthusiasm. The 0:1 loss deteriorate the picture about the game but in summary, it statement has to be made the victory of Buddy Czechs was deserved.


It took a while for the players to recuperate from the shock of not getting into the quarter-finals, but the good thing about being part of such team as Budapest BSC FC is that the healthy team morale is always granted. According to the final result, the team ended up being on the 10th place which might look like a step back from the previous 6th and 2nd but one has to bear in mind that half of the team changed over a year time. As the motto of the tournament says ‘’Participating is more important than winning’’. In the end we all knew it is true. After the final ceremony every team celebrated together the opportunity of being part of such a well-organized event where we not only had fun but had the chance to get to know our colleagues from many different countries. And most importantly nobody got hurt so we can definitely say that it was a successful result for everyone.

The positive, sponsoring attitude of Social Club grants that there are no obstacles to register for next year`s tournament and the team shall only focus on stabilizing its structure and tactics. See you next year in Breda at the 15th tournament.



Football Tournament in Breda - 2014


Similarly to last year, Budapest BSC was represented by a football team on the ExxonMobil Euro Cup organized by affiliates from the Netherlands. As you may remember, the Hungarian team achieved the 6th place in 2013 without losing one single game. The team had one year of preparation during which it aimed to stabilize the backbone of the squad and to establish a tactic that would ensure that each opponent would face a nightmare when playing against the Hungarian team. BSC Social Club - credited with being a premiere sponsor for the football team – identified the opportunities behind a strong team which can serve as a flagship for the Budapest BSC, therefore all players could observe a tremendous improvement regarding transportation and accommodation. Higher standards usually come along with higher expectations but the team made sure that each of its members perceive this pressure as a boost rather than an obstacle in achieving better result.


The Euro Cup was set to be held on the 14th of June, in Bavel which is located outskirts of Breda and has a wonderful football complex ideal for hosting 32 teams from all around Europe. The fixtures were already known in advance according which the attacks of BAR Organization (Brussels) and refineries of Kerkrade and Fos-sur-Mer had to be shrugged off in the group phase. First kick-off was scheduled at 10 AM against the Film Stars, Exxon`s Chemical Film factory workers from Kerkrade. Before the referee could blow into the whistle, Peter B. Kiss was officially inaugurated as team captain with a proper arm band. Film Stars, with one lethal striker looked subdued despite flashes of their talent and could not respond to the early Hungarian goals so it soon become transparent that the team could continue its triumphant performance from last year enabling the spectators to enumerate Budapest BSC amongst the runner-ups for this year`s title. Despite of the shiny start, the second match was undoubtedly a nightmare against the Brussels based team called Barbarians. Statistics could show that Hungarian shots on target far outnumbered that of the Belgians` but the fruitless opportunities made the team more nervous action by action. After destroying Films Stars 4-1 in the earlier match, this was a game that required different qualities such as resilience and concentration. The Barbarians could not leave their territory during the entire match as Budapest BSC put everything on stake with focusing on attacking only. They could only present one counter attack at the last minute of the match, but the defense stood still since the goalkeeper was able to present an important save which was made even better as one of the defenders ducked right in front of the unsighted keeper as the shot came in. The draw made it clear to everyone that some tactical changes were required from the next match on when facing a team which prefers to apply the Hedgehog formation. The last match was vital to win in order to get through the group stage without any troubles. A steady improvement could be noticed over the course of first three games, as the opponents turned to be stronger. The second French team from Fos-sur-Mer collapsed under the pressure of Hungarian counterattacks yielding a 3-1 result. In translation, this win meant the Hungarian team to be qualified for the next group stage where One Team (Fuels and Lubricants – Netherlands), De Rojer Duivels (Rotterdam Refinery) and FOS 1 (Fos-sur-Mer Refinery) were awaiting.


The importance of resting and regeneration was considered as a main key for success so Budapest BSC FC acted in accordance to that during the lunch break. Muscles tend to get injured easily due to fatigue caused by continuous cool-downs and warm-ups so keeping `Nobody gets hurt` principle in mind, players were stretching themselves as opposed to most of the other teams. The early recognition of usefulness in paying attention to allegedly miniature details put the team into an advantageous situation whereas only the Hungarian players seem to be able to further improve their performance amongst the best 12 team. One Team capitulated 2-0 whilst De Rojer Duivels got knocked out by 3-1. The harmonic relationship between strikers and defenders opened up a large scale of opportunities as most of the teams were already familiar with the fact that Zsolt Elekes scores the majority of Hungarian goals, so he was awarded with special attention but the rest of the teammates never failed to help him out and surprise the opponent. Before the last match in the group, it was already a known fact that the French team goes further along with Budapest BSC. Under normal circumstances both team would have spared some energy for the semi-finals but the rivalry seemed to be a higher priority. It was not exactly the match for showcasing the beauty of football rather could be compared to a gladiator fight.  At the end of the match, both teams had the getting on to next round to celebrate while the game itself may not have been the extravaganza many hoped would crown the thrilling quarter-finals. Rumors were circulating after the final whistle that FOS 1 and Budapest BSC can be considered as favorites to win the tournament.

Hot Shots, the mechanical crew of Antwerp refinery were drawn to be the opponent in the semi-finals whilst FOS 1 faced with Machelen, the second team from last year. The result was 2-0 on both fields so the expectations turned to be real by having the two strongest teams in the final. By the grand finale, the French created a vibrant atmosphere on the Bavel football complex due to the fact they had 2 teams to cheer for- although Budapest BSC were well represented and had the support of many who still turned up despite seeing their hopes being dashed by the stunning Hungarian counterattacks.


Nevertheless, the team become popular due to their pre-match ritual during which they executed a kind of vow, interspersed with shrill whoop `Magyarok` which echoed over the football field. The Norwegian team was shouting `Bu-da-pest` as if they were one from the beginning. The final game was 2x10 minutes long in contrary to all of the previous matches which were 1x15 minutes, therefore a more conservative tactic had to be applied. Even by the end of first half, both team were relying on substitutions more frequently since the players looked increasingly jaded figures as the game went on. The French and Hungarian tactics were equally based on patience whether a personal mistake can lead one to score a goal. As the final entered the closing minutes, Jiri Senk had Budapest BSC`s clearest opening for some time but he sent a sidefoot finish off target after Krisztian Malnas had laid the ball invitingly into his path. French barely could reach the Hungarian side of the pitch.  Even with tiring legs after the 7 previous matches, the two exquisitely matched teams gave and sought no quarter. Budapest BSC brought brawn, its accurate passing and quick movement and tireless determination to attack and attack again FOS 1 responded with bruising defense and craftiness. During one of the latest minute of the final, Zsolt Elekes was off target when he attempted to finish over the goalkeeper by showing class and composure in order to decide an increasingly attritional game with the final flourish of quality this Exxonmobil Euro Cup in Breda fully deserved as its conclusion but he was tackled really badly. Even though, sliding tackles were clearly prohibited, there were no actions taken by the referee which meant that the trophy shall be decided upon penalty shoot-out. Unfortunately, football can be mean sometimes when it comes to penalties which is often cited as Russian roulette. FOS 1 become the Champion of Euro Cup 2014 in Breda with 7-6 result in penalties after the goal free 20 minutes. Hungarian supporters stayed on their places for a while gasped in amazement after the final whistle as the victorious side indulged in lengthy celebrations. The progress is transparent: 2013 – 6th place, 2014 – 2nd place and technically Budapest BSC FC is still unbeaten after 2 years if we take normal match time into consideration. By now, they know what the Hungarian team is capable of so it might be more difficult in the forthcoming years to maintain and further improve this level of performance but the path is undoubtedly showing to the right direction.