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BSC – Swimming pass



Judit Szabó (+36 1 298 7391 )


We have 2 pass for the whole year 


Budapesti Elektromos Sportegyesület, 1138 Budapest, Népfürdo u. 18-20




How to get one of the passes?


- sign up on the swimming calendar at Judit’s Mysite  

- pick-up your pass at CP1-A reception (beside Raiffeisen Bank)


Rules to take the pass


1.    You have to be BSC member to use the pass             

2.    Yearly fee needs to be prepaid to be eligible to use swimming pass (about 30000 HUF for 2016)

3.    In case of card should be replaced, cost should be covered by whom lost the pass  ( 5000 HUF)

4.    In case you use the pass on weekends take it and bring it back to EM CP1 A groundfloor reception

5.   You can participate on trainings organized by ELMU, will be communicated later for 2015 (e.g. Yoga, Tai Chi, Aquafitness,swimming lessons, aerobic, Tai Jitsu, etc.)

6.  You can rent kayak or canoe (extra fee)

7.  You can play tennis (extra fee)

8.  Massage ( extra fee)


Pool open hours       


Mon-Fri      6:00-20:00     (there are trainings from 16:00-17:30 on workdays, few lanes are closed for training)

Sat-Sun      7:00-20:00                     

If pool is rented for an event - we cannot use it (unfortunately this information is not reachable online - we try to set the sign-up sheet accordingly