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at Dreher Factory



Join us for a ‘Beer Tour’ in the Factory of Dreher.

The next tours will take place on the 04th May 2017 from 18:00 and on the 11th May 2017 from 18:00. We will leave together from the BSC at 17:00 (meeting point at Trattoria) or we can meet up at the Dreher Factory at 17:50 (Budapest, Jaszberenyi ut 3, 1106). In order to book your place please chat on/write an e-mail to until the 20th April 2017.


Places are limited, so hurry up!


Original ticket price: 1900 HUF/person


From 15 people:  1500 HUF/person


Social Club members can buy their ticket for 1000 HUF!

Drinking with responsibility!